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Poets Of The Night

Shadows Never Die, They Just Blend Into The Darkness

Poets of the Night
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Welcome to PoetsOfTheNight

This community is for ambitious writers who view their work as worthy of recognition. You submit your work and a short little survey, and then we rate you and either accept or reject you.

This is how it'll work. First, choose two poems or one short story (keep 'em relatively short). Next, fill out the following survey. After you're finished, put it all behind an LJ-Cut (enter in the following followed by your text). In order to be accepted, you must get more yes's then no's from the moderators *Gabe and I*, and from the members. Even if you are invited, you still must be voted in. This is how you put a cut in your entry. go here. http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

What is Your Favorite Poet?:
What is Your Favorite Poem, and Why?:
Favorite Style:

1. You must submit 2 poems or a short story along with the completed survey.
2. If you submit an entry and dont get accepted, DO NOT delete your submission. Have a little pride. After all thats why we are here.
3. Dont be hateful. If you don't like a piece of work, use constructive criticism.
4. Long submissions must have an lj cut. Dont take up a bazillion lines on the main page, thats just rude.
5. The moderators have the final say of who gets in and who doesnt. If you have a complaint email us.
6. The moderators reserve the right to ban people, and to delete comments/entries. If you are banned, or a comment deleted and you think you shouldn't have been. Email us.
7. Dont send hate mail, thats annoying.
8. VOTE!!! Members need to vote or it defeats the purpose of voting.
9. You must be stamped yes before submitting other things. In order to be stamped yes you must be voted on by atleast both moderators. Applications will be up for atleast 2 days before you are stamped yes or no.
If you need to contact us for any reason please email me either of us at magickgurl19@livejournal.com *that one is me, rogue* or gabes77@aol.com *that one is obviously gabe*

Here is the list of the accepted and rejected Dah List

Weekly Photo Contest *wpc*
abandon, abstract, abuse, acting, ambiance, american beauty, and more love... :), angels, animation, anime, antidepressants, anywhere but here, art, artistic people, auras, being your own person, bipolar, biting, black, black eyeliner, black-and-white photography, blood, bonfires, books, care bears, chocolate, coffee shops, color, coloring, concerts, cookies, craziness, crazy, creativity, cuddling, cutting, dancing, darkness, depression, donnie darko, drama, drawing, dreaming, drifting, drinking, drugs, eating disorders, edgar allen poe, elves, emo, emotional people, empathy, energies, etc., everything else, evil, faeries, family issues, fire, foreign films, free spirits, freedom, fun, funky hair, glass, goths, gray, hail, hatred, hippies, hot candle wax, illness, imagination, incubus, individuality, insanity, inspiration, isolation, issues, kissing, knowledge, life, literature, loneliness, love, lovemaking, magic, magick, manic-depressive, markers, massages, me, messes, movies, music, nighttime silence, nonsense, nothingness, ocd, open-minded, pain, painting, penetrating eyes, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, police stations, problems, psychology, punk, quotes, rain, red, religion, robin williams, rock, sadness, self consciousness, self infliction, self mutilation, sensation, sex, shade, shading, shinny objects, sketching, sleeping, social problems, solace, soul, spirituality, stars, suicide, supernatural, the beach at night, the beatles, the onion, thinking, trance, truth, twirling hair, ventura, weird stuff, whipped cream, wicca, wisdom, writing.