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application for admission [Aug. 5th, 2007|10:23 pm]
Poets of the Night


Name: Lauren (aka coexist_love
Gender/Age: Female 17
Location: United States
What is Your Favorite Poet?: I love Diane Di Prima.
What is Your Favorite Poem, and Why?: My favorite poem is Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note by Amiri Baraka for its philosophical tone.
Favorite Style: I enjoy writing in all types of styles including sonnet and free verse. Mostly I've been doing alot with mentor texts and free verse and combining the two.

The Butterfly and the Vodka
by: coexist_love

The butterfly sloped down with wings falling towards the earth.
It landing in his sight where the vodka lay in wait.
Scurrying around the vodka glass its antanae probbed the surroundings,
and then tipped down for a sweet taste.

The butterfly drank the vodka and began dancing around the candles,
glistening in the light that illuminated the room.
She danced and danced,
Until she fell over with her drunken swagger.
Sprawled along the floor she tried to get up,
her delicate stride lost to the glass.
He wants to help her, to let her lean on him,
but the butterfly is gone.
The butterfly is gone.
Lost to the intoxication of vodka.

by: coexist_love

And like an oyster protecting its pearl
I had been guarding a precious secret
Until she came along, and slowly jostled
Her knife, in and out of the crevice
Twisting the shells apart
And removing the muscles
That kept my pearl safe.

Like the sheller she examined it,
Combed over it for any reason
Any large pit or blemish that would
Allow her discard the gift
That she had helped to open.

Then she placed it back inside,
Put the parts back in place.
Leaving the opened oyster on the beach.

© Lauren coexist_love

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